Santa Monica beach, brunch @ The Alcove in Los Feliz, ornaments in China Town in SF, Club Monaco/J Crew/Zara, near the pier (ha rhymes) in SF, new fav Zara blazer @ the Golden Gate Bridge, Primark/Brandy Melville/Steve Madden, Canadian Rockies @ Banff

If you're wondering why it is that it seems as though I've dropped off the face of the planet blog-wise, I have two reasons: the first is that I've been travelling for the past three weeks around the west coast and Calgary. Although that isn't too much of an excuse because its not as though I was in areas with limited access to internet or other first-world comforts.

The second is that I feel as though this blogging stint is coming to an end. My interest has been waning for the past few months as evidenced by my general inability to update more than once every few weeks. I debated whether to make my departure formal or to just sort of fade off into obscurity. But then I decided that I did want to take the time to thank everyone for reading for the past three years. I've met some amazing people through this blog and its served as a much-needed outlet for me to express some form of creativity.

I'm not entirely sure whether this is a permanent farewell or maybe just a long hiatus - so I'll just leave it as the latter for now. In the meantime we can stay in touch through the following mediums (although fair warning, updates on these can also be quite sporatic):

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now you better stop and rebuild all your ruins

Equipment blouse, F21 leggings and clutch, Zara flats, YSL ring, H&M necklace, Michael Kors watch

The past few days have been a haze of events - waking up Saturday morning having traded my Blackberry for a case of food poisoning that left me alternating between the bed and toilet for an entire day. I'm still recovering and winning a little bit each day. If you consider being able to eat increasing amounts of solid food each day a "win". Hope you all had a better weekend than I!


take this day into the night

TNA sweater, eBay blouse, Club Monaco skirt and socks, Mackage jacket, Banana Republic purse, Michael Kors watch, Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Is everyone sick to death of these shoes yet? I honestly thought that I had gotten over the blocky, insane platform Lita fad until I finally tried on a pair and realized why they are so loved. Much to my surprise, these are probably more comfortable than my more sensible heels. Anyway, I'll save you the boredom and torture of having to read about another blogger raving about how amazing these shoes are. I'm sure y'all are cringing just having to see them again.

My last day of work before my "vacation" (its technically a faux-cation as I'm expected to be studying at least 8 hours a day for two weeks) is tomorrow. And while that should signal confetti and loud dance music, I've been put on a form of academic probation, the whole concept of which is so totally foreign to me. This is all a roundabout way of saying that yes, its going to officially be the holidays but in reality I will be burying my head in three binders full of multiple choice questions. Try not to be too envious.


this is like a flashback

AA tee, Primark shirt (similar) , F21 leggings, H&M scarf, Michael Kors watch, Foley + Corinna bag, boots c/o UGG Australia

Spent the past Wednesday in a six-hour class followed by some of the best Thai food I've had anywhere (including Thailand) at Khao San Road. We slowly walked the few blocks over to the restaurant and even with 15 minutes to go before it opened there were people waiting outside. I'm usually hesitant spending an entire day in heels but these shearling-lined boots not only kept my feet toasty warm but were shockingly comfy as well. Definition of a triple win.


weekend in food part two

1. Kimchi and beef soon tofu at Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu
2. Apple/vanilla froyo with assorted boba and mochi at Menchie's
3. The Priest at The Burger's Priest
4-6. Dinner at Rodney's Oyster House - probably the best seafood that I've had in Toronto. This is my third time there and I'm never disappointed. Got to try a New Zealand oyster this time that had a refreshing cucumber aftertaste - delicious. And if you go, besides the oysters (obviously), you have to order the marinaded mussels. They're incredible.


hana 1.5 titanium ionic flat iron

I recently got shipped a HANA 1.5 professional titanium hair straightener to try out from the folks over at Misikko. Misikko is an online retailer of professional hair straighteners and other hair and beauty products. They also carry other professional brands like the famous Chi straightener. They currently have a coupon for $10 off purchases over $100 - useful since these pretty little products are not exactly a cheap investment.

I don't exactly pride myself on my knowledge of hair tools, but HANA was actually one of the few brands that I had heard good things about so I was excited to try it. I've all but abandoned straightening my hair on a regular basis due to both laziness and impatience. I embarrassingly admit that I've never owned a high-end straightener but have been using a random one from Shoppers Drug Mart for years. It did the job (I suppose) but it took forever because the maximum temperature was so low and was too awkwardly shaped to curl or do anything fun with. Hence why I was so excited to actually get a chance to see what a professional iron could do. Reviewed using Photo Booth because I am awful and slow at self-portraits with a tripod. Note: I'm not being paid to do this review and I am definitely no expert on flat irons - just a regular gal who has regular battles when straightening her hair.

My hair's natural state: wavy, frizzy and at times untameable. My hair is not only thick but I have a lot of it. Although it used to be the bane of my existence when all I wanted was thin, straight hair like all the other Asian girls, I've come to love its wild texture and body. Since I get quite a few questions about my hair I'll just answer them now: I used good old Herbal Essences Body Envy shampoo and conditioner every other day, Dove Heat Defence spray before I blow dry it, and Lush's R&B leave-in treatment to tame my frizz.

HANA's Shine Shield and flat iron (and my noob mirrored photos but you get the idea). My old iron was 1.5" as well, which I find to be a perfect size. Again, I'm super lazy and get bored easily when it comes to this hair stuff so anything thinner wouldn't do. The Shine Shield is similar to the Frizz Ease serum I used to use and the smell isn't overbearing (so key!).

Separated my hair with alligator clips and got to straightening. The temperatures on the HANA range from 140-450 (I set it on 370). Right away it did a better job than my drugstore brand one (surprise surprise). Not only did it straighten faster but so much better. It glided more smoothly and I didn't have to go over the same piece of hair multiple times in order to straighten it properly.

I am serious but this hair straightening business.

Final result: pin-straight hair in 5 minutes! Huzzzah!

Thanks for this exponentially better flat iron, Misikko (and a bunch of other gifts in the package including this uh...sleep mask?)! Maybe now JD won't have to hopelessly beg me to straighten my hair anymore. Hope you enjoyed this awkward low-budget review as much as I enjoyed procrastinating to put it together :)


pour a little salt we were never here

Hello weekend! My first few days completely free of studying or schoolwork. Going to mix some good company, alcohol, food and sleep. Cannot believe we finished two entire courses in 6 weeks. At least they finally decided to turn the air conditioning on in the buildings on campus. Although that means I tend to freeze when I'm indoors because I dress for the insane heat and humidity outdoors. I can't win.

Have a good one!