hana 1.5 titanium ionic flat iron

I recently got shipped a HANA 1.5 professional titanium hair straightener to try out from the folks over at Misikko. Misikko is an online retailer of professional hair straighteners and other hair and beauty products. They also carry other professional brands like the famous Chi straightener. They currently have a coupon for $10 off purchases over $100 - useful since these pretty little products are not exactly a cheap investment.

I don't exactly pride myself on my knowledge of hair tools, but HANA was actually one of the few brands that I had heard good things about so I was excited to try it. I've all but abandoned straightening my hair on a regular basis due to both laziness and impatience. I embarrassingly admit that I've never owned a high-end straightener but have been using a random one from Shoppers Drug Mart for years. It did the job (I suppose) but it took forever because the maximum temperature was so low and was too awkwardly shaped to curl or do anything fun with. Hence why I was so excited to actually get a chance to see what a professional iron could do. Reviewed using Photo Booth because I am awful and slow at self-portraits with a tripod. Note: I'm not being paid to do this review and I am definitely no expert on flat irons - just a regular gal who has regular battles when straightening her hair.

My hair's natural state: wavy, frizzy and at times untameable. My hair is not only thick but I have a lot of it. Although it used to be the bane of my existence when all I wanted was thin, straight hair like all the other Asian girls, I've come to love its wild texture and body. Since I get quite a few questions about my hair I'll just answer them now: I used good old Herbal Essences Body Envy shampoo and conditioner every other day, Dove Heat Defence spray before I blow dry it, and Lush's R&B leave-in treatment to tame my frizz.

HANA's Shine Shield and flat iron (and my noob mirrored photos but you get the idea). My old iron was 1.5" as well, which I find to be a perfect size. Again, I'm super lazy and get bored easily when it comes to this hair stuff so anything thinner wouldn't do. The Shine Shield is similar to the Frizz Ease serum I used to use and the smell isn't overbearing (so key!).

Separated my hair with alligator clips and got to straightening. The temperatures on the HANA range from 140-450 (I set it on 370). Right away it did a better job than my drugstore brand one (surprise surprise). Not only did it straighten faster but so much better. It glided more smoothly and I didn't have to go over the same piece of hair multiple times in order to straighten it properly.

I am serious but this hair straightening business.

Final result: pin-straight hair in 5 minutes! Huzzzah!

Thanks for this exponentially better flat iron, Misikko (and a bunch of other gifts in the package including this uh...sleep mask?)! Maybe now JD won't have to hopelessly beg me to straighten my hair anymore. Hope you enjoyed this awkward low-budget review as much as I enjoyed procrastinating to put it together :)


Kristy said...

lol, what a coincidence! My review post on Hana flat iron is also up on the blog :p Man, you look good with the wavy hair. Unfortunately, my hair is just frizzy without the natural waves :( Can't wait to see you and Aney tonight! What are you gonna wear? Don't look too nice because I might just wear what I'm wearing to work :p


Liza said...

Wow! That straightener looks fantastic. Your hair is very versatile.


Sam said...

Oh you are so cute! And your hair looks great! you're very pretty and you're making me miss my long hair :( haha!


Krissy ~ said...

straight and wavy hair suits you alot! the hans straightener seems fab!
Krissy xoxo


The Little Dust Princess said...

I am awaiting the blow-dryer from them. : ) Did you incur any customs fees from it?

ROXI said...

Great review! Just in time as I need to replace my (equally embarrassing) straightener from walmart. But I gotta say that I LOVE the natural state of your hair, it's gorgeous!

Michelleesque said...

You're so lucky! You look with both straight and wavy hair. :)

It's Strangely Me said...

I absolutely LOVE your natural hair!
I'm one of the Asians with that naturally STICK straight + thin hair, & I despise it! I don't even have to comb it or straight it. Totally ridiculous. I have to get up an extra 20 minutes every morning to achieve your natural hair style! -_-
What can ya do, we want what we don't have!


nicole said...

I love your hair in its natural state! But you also look great with straight hair too. Damnit Jess! You make me miss my long hair too, sigh.

Jenny said...

Your natural hair is gorgeus, you lucky thing! its that that ever continuing issue of when you want curly/wavy hair, you have straight hair instead :/ case in point? me. you hair looks lovely wavy or straight!

Roya said...

Love your hair in it's natural state! Also I won one of these HANA hair straighteners last summer and they actually are great. My sister has a CHI and this iron is pretty close.

Also your watch looks awesome in these photos, haha. I desperately want one.

kathleen said...

i am actually very much loving (and jealous of!) your hair !!


Peiyinn said...

You are so cute!! :)

Karito Martinez said...

The Karmin Flat iron is the best flat iron I have ever used.

Lori Mulhern said...

Karmin makes the best in my opinion (;